Our History

Jack Gellman, lead navigator, flew 65 missions in World War II. Awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses for outstanding courage, he survived the war using his ingenuity and dogged determination. Utilizing the same characteristics, he embarked upon a business career. Although formally trained as a lawyer, Jack naturally gravitated towards real estate, where his entrepreneurial flair was demonstrated through the development of shopping centers, supermarkets, bowling centers, hotels and regional malls.

With Jack at the helm of a burgeoning real estate empire, sons Arthur and George were, although lawyers by profession, quick to follow into the family business. In 1983, Clarke Narins, a CPA with an extensive financial background, joined the Gellman brothers to form The Benchmark Group.

Since that time, The Benchmark Group has developed and acquired extensive real estate holdings. The partners have built upon the reputation for innovative thinking inspired by Jack Gellman. Guided by professionalism and integrity, they have fostered trust, good will and respect throughout Benchmark’s business and financial dealings, and have instilled pride and enthusiasm within the organization. It is this dynamic attitude, coupled with the pursuit of excellence that has become the signature of The Benchmark Group.

Our Philosophy

From its inception, The Benchmark Group has remained staunchly committed to its original business philosophy:

  • To develop and acquire prime real estate
  • To offer investors an attractive risk-adjusted return
  • To promote an open management style that encourages communication and personal growth with a constant emphasis on integrity
  • To grow in a careful and balanced way while responding and creatively adapting to the inevitable changes in the marketplace